Q. Should I cancel my membership plan during this time?

No, your membership plan is an annual dental plan which is spread over 12 monthly payments: If you are considering cancelling your plan during this time, here are a few things to think about before you do:
  • We’d like to reassure you that we will make sure all patients get the right number of appointments in a 12-month period once the COVID-19 situation is under control and practices can resume normal working. You will not miss out on your dental care.
  • As we’ll be prioritising plan members when we re-open, if you’re not a member at that point you may have to wait longer for your next appointment.
  • Outside of that, we are appealing for the support of all patients to maintain their plans if possible, as collectively you’re helping to ensure that the practice rides out the crisis and that we’re still here for you in the long-term, and you still have the peace of mind that you will remain registered with your own dentist.
  • And the last thing we wanted to mention is; it is likely that not all practices in the area will survive the Corona Virus crisis and, as such, there may be many more patients looking for a dentist. Maintaining your plan membership is your guarantee that you will have a place in the practice when the crisis has passed.
Without a doubt, the landscape of dentistry will look very different in the future. Your membership of the practice ensures that you will receive the right dental care to maintain your dental health for the long term and we would urge you to maintain your plan throughout this difficult short-term period.

A reminder of the benefits of being part of our Membership Plan

  • Regular dental examinations with the dentist and gum health appointment with the hygienist. - We want to make sure all our patients are seen nice and regularly as we know this is the best way to keep your dental health in tip-top condition. Having peace of mind that your membership entitles you to these regular appointments will mean we can always keep the focus on prevention, keeping you as healthy as we can, and supporting you to keep your teeth for life.
  • A flat monthly fee for your routine dental care which is clearly defined - Our membership is very transparent – you’re only paying for what you’ll definitely need – visits to the dentist and hygienist.
  • Allows you to budget monthly for your dental care - The monthly membership allows you to be able to budget for your routine dental care in a similar way to most other things. We feel this supports our patients to keep their dental care as affordable as possible, while allowing them to spread the cost of their routine appointments across the year.
  • Better value than visiting the practice on a pay as you go basis - We want to thank patients for their loyalty to the practice, and for joining the membership. This is why we make sure the membership always works out to be favourable in comparison to our pay as you go fees.
  • By coming every 6 months Dental Health is easier to maintain, meaning fewer problems down the line. - Visiting the dentist and hygienist on a regular basis will mean much less chance of invasive treatment later on – by seeing you regularly, if there are any problems we can identify them nice and early, and treat them nice and quickly. This will make sure we keep you as healthy as we can and support you to keep your own teeth for as long as possible.
  • Exclusive Discount on most treatments you may require or request - As a thank you to patients who join the membership for their commitment and loyalty, we offer exclusive discounts on most treatments in the practice – making sure these are always favourable to our pay as you go fees and to help make any treatment you may want a little more affordable.
  • You’ll have the opportunity and choice of treatments which may not have been available on NHS - The NHS can be quite restrictive for the treatments that are available, especially if the treatment is for a molar tooth. As a membership patient you will have full autonomy over your treatments.
  • Includes access to a comprehensive Assistance Scheme – Access to funding should you have a Dental Trauma, or need to access a dentist out of hours both in UK and Worldwide. (Please refer to Scheme Handbook for full details) The handbook is available as both hard and electronic copies from the practice.
  • Guaranteed access to your Dentist not just the Practice - The membership ensures you are registered with the dentist of your choice in the practice, and other than emergencies, you’ll always see the same person. We want you to have peace of mind, seeing the dentist you know and trust.
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