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For over 70 years there has been a dental practice at Fareham’s 28 East Street, with this latest incarnation as Serenity Dental formed in 2008 when Brett Garner (who has worked here since 2002) purchased the practice from his mentor, Steven Reeves.

Why choose Serenity?

Changing the way dentistry is practised is our goal at Serenity Dental – making it relaxed and informative, along with giving your teeth longevity and health.

One main aim is to remove any preconceived ideas about a trip to the dentist – why can’t you listen to your favourite music and have a cup of tea half way through?

Another reason is that we are trained to recognise potential risks in your mouth, so as to minimise future problems before they happen. This reduces the amount of treatment you will need, giving you reassurance and value for money.

By aiming for a healthy mouth and a lovely smile we can also reduce your risk of medical problems such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke. There is more to the mouth than you realise!

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