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We use modern, advanced technology for the best results

Advanced Technology for Healthy Mouths

We love technology in our practice and use a lot of cutting edge technology to keep you and your mouth healthy.

Velscope Vx

This is a torch-like device that we use to assess all the skin in your mouth for any changes that are associated with cancer. It is a quick test, that is really simple to do, and we can tell you straight away that everything is ok.

Intraoral Cameras

A picture paints a thousand words! We use really small cameras to take you on a tour of your own mouth. This enables us to show you exactly what is going on and help us to explain how we can help you.


This is one of our favourite bits of kit – it consists of a computer with a camera attached so we can scan your mouth and model it in 3D. We can then design a crown or veneer for your tooth and make it there and then using our milling machine.

This enables us to make really accurate new teeth for you without having to take impressions and send them to a laboratory to make your new tooth, which means you can have your tooth made and fitted in a single visit that can be as little as an hour.

So you need never have to worry if a tooth breaks the day before you go on holiday. These teeth are all tooth coloured and have no metal in them at all, giving you an accurate and very lifelike end result. Awesome!


We have some of the latest developments in Laser technology to help us treat gum disease more effectively and do surgery that heals much more quickly. These treatments are proven to be as effective and simpler than traditional techniques. They still depend on thorough home care for the best results but it gives us a method that is much more comfortable for you.

Music and TV

We have screens or iPads in each of our treatment rooms that have internet access so we can stream films or TV for you to watch during treatment. This can be a brilliant distraction for you, especially if you are nervous.

We also have stereos in each treatment room that can play music from the internet. We love when people ask for music they like as it often leads to us discovering a new band we can listen to. It also really relaxes people which make your treatment fly by.

STOP Buzzer

We have a hand held buzzer that you can have during treatments to let us know if you need a rest. This helps you to stay in control when you are visiting with us. You can stop us to a cough, swallow or even just to scratch your nose. It doesn’t matter to us as long as you are happy.

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