Teeth Straightening

Whether your teeth have always been crooked, or have moved over the years. Teeth Straightening may be all you need to create the smile you once had or one you've always dreamed of.

What Solutions are There?

One of our favourite braces to straighten teeth is the Inman Aligner, which is a removable brace that you must wear for a minimum of 18 hours a day and up to a maximum of 20 hours a day. This brace provides a quick solution for front teeth, aligning them nicely in as little as three months.

As an alternative to a brace, we can reshape your teeth using plastic or ceramic dental materials depending on the extent of change needed. Once planned, these can be placed in a single day, giving you your perfect smile very quickly and with excellent long-term results.

Sometimes, patients may want to whiten their teeth, which can also be carried out during the treatment, transforming your smile and helping you feel amazing.

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